We Honor All Whom Have Served And Are Serving This Great Country!

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4th ID Hospitality Room Location: Savannah House, Branson, MO 2 PM till 6 PM This event is for all 4th ID veterans and active duty personnel. Call 920-860-1630 for more information. Korean War Mini Reunion Location: Stone Castle Hotel - Knights Room This mini reunion will be held from 2 PM until 4 PM Call: Sarah Hord 417-249-0288 or email her at sarah@ozarkskirkwood.com Hosted by: Sarah, Dee, Kathy, Mac, Mary and Stone Castle Hotel. WALMART Tribute to the Veterans - 10th Anniversary Location: Mansion Theatre, Branson, MO 9:00am till 11 am Pre show from 8:30 to 9:00 am Emcee: Barbara Fairchild and Roy Morris No Admission Charge . Doors open at 7:30am. Fun, fellowship, entertainment will be provided. Hosted by Barbara Fairchild &Roy Morris Meal to be served at the Shoppes Branson Meadows after show. Catored by: Golden Corral 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM (Look for banners) Largest Event of the Week , tons of fun and food. Tell one tell all. Start your planning now for a great day of fun. Sponsored by Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart truck drivers. hosted by Dee, Sarah, and Mary 23rd Annual Military Gala & Banquet Location: Chateau on the Lake , Branson, MO 5 PM till 11 PM The longest running military tribute ball. All branches and all eras are welcome for this event. Open to the public, reservation are required. Tickets are $55 each. Hosted by the P.O.W. Network. Please call 417-336-4232 for more information. A Gala like not other, must be there to experience it!
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Veterans Day Parade Location: Downtown, Branson, MO 11 AM The parade is organized by Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 913 Call 417-294-0728 for more info or applications.
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Barbara Fairchild and Roy Morris Church Service is at 10 am at the Baldknobbers Theater
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